Romo has not had the easiest life, but despite the challenges that life has thrown his way, he’s still the most loving, happiest boy in the world. We first met Romo in October 2022 when his beloved owner passed away. He came to the shelter and won everyone over within days. He become a tester dog, helping us evaluate other dogs, and even helped us train new volunteers. He stayed with us for 8 months, just passed over for being another brown dog in the shelter. He was finally adopted, but six months later and through no fault of his own (family life changes), Romo is back at the shelter. He’s been waiting now for over 580 days for his forever family. He deserves to go home.

Romo is great with all dogs, big and small, and all people he meets, big and small. Everyone is his friend. He loves to play with toys, and he especially loves to play in water (hello, lab mix!). He’s snuggler in the home, potty trained, and all he wants is love, stability, and a place to call home.